Bree’s Final Adventure…

24 Feb

My time in Scotland has come to a close, (okay it did a while ago but it took me a while to get this post up)  but I have one last adventure to share!

When I realized that I only had a couple weeks left in the UK, I decided that it was time to take action. So, I got on my computer and started planning the most epoch adventure yet! 5 days, 5 cities, 1 bag,… all by myself! So here goes my final blog…



7 Hours of Dancing On Trains ? (I’ll explain later)

On my first day, I hopped on the train to London.  The ride takes 7 hours, so I thought I would break it up by stopping in Lincoln to see the Lincoln Cathedral. I literally got off the train, climbed a mountain to get to it, walked around, was amazed by its awesomeness, and then hopped back on the train.




My train got delayed and I ended up meeting a group of English girls heading to London for a weekend of “partying“.  Needless to say, they were pretty entertaining and we spent the rest of the ride dancing on the train (luckily we were the only ones in our car).  Once I arrived at Kings X Station, I got really lost on my way to my hostel and I ended wandering the streets of London (at 1 am, by myself). It probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made, but it was very interesting and I felt quite accomplished once I found the hostel.

It was a bit creepy… but I LOVED IT!



Communal Baths and Aliens

On my first day in England I took a tour out of London to Stonehenge, the Salisbury Cathedral, and Bath. Here are some shots of the destinations.


The Roman Baths. Basically some real pretty hot springs in the middle of England.

Stonehenge… according to my tour guide it was built by aliens.


Salisbury Cathedral…HUGE!

It was a full day, but I really wanted to stop at the famous London Winter Wonderland on my way back to the hostel! Luckily my new friend Jackie (who I met on my tour) had already figured out how to use the tube system!




Thank Goodness My Camera Has a Ten Second Timer

On day 3, I basically just started running all over London. I didn’t really have a plan but it worked out great and I even got to attend a christmas carol service at St. Pauls cathedral!

I refused to ask for help, so all of these shots of me are curtosy of my 10 second timer.

Westminster Abbey

 Tower of London


Big Ben, London Eye

 This one was particularily hard. My camera was precariously teatering on a fence and I also got alot of …funny looks. Good times.

And heres a few more spots I visited…

St. Paul’s Cathedral

From London Bridge



Champion Sleeping

On day 3 I hopped back on the morning train. Apparently I dozed off pretty early because I woke up about 5 hours later to a group of Scottish guys who were all pretty impressed with what a “champion” sleeper I was. When I arrived back in Scotland I couldn’t resist stopping one last time in Edinburgh… especially since Scotland has recently acquired PANDA’S and I “accidentally’ ended up at the Edinburgh zoo on the first day of public viewing!…okay it wasn’t an accident!!!

I stinkin love Pandas.




First Snow

On day 4, it was time to conclude my travels so I headed on back to good old Aberdeen where Beth and I sang the sugar plum fairy song while we (rather pathetically) danced in the snow! This is how we felt…


And this is how we looked, only not quite as cute.

And now I leave the blog to to my dear sister. May her adventures be bold and true.


I had a Cold when we saw Coldplay….

6 Dec

Okay, I’ll admit, it was more of a flu, but the title just worked so well.



This past weekend Beth and I took a trip to the biggest city in Scotland, Glasgow.

It was freezing.

Lucklily the city is the shopping capital so we were able to pick up a few “winter items” to keep my sick little head warm, and get a nice warm drink at the train station.

Then we headed out into the cold to see COLDPLAY!

Here we are waiting in line!

Somehow we ended up really close to the stage, and it was amazing!

They released giant balloons into the crowd!

This was the crowd behind us. We all got flashing wrist bands that lit up with the music!

Chris Martin, the lead singer. P.S. this was with no zoom.



Our train didn’t leave till 5:00 on our second day in glasgow, so we had just enough time to do a little city exploring.


We found this street fair in the middle of the city and decided to check it out.

Thats where we met this guy. He’s the one who we almost traded for 17 penguins.

After our encounter with the ice people, we took a bus tour around the city and headed to the Glasgow Cathedral.


Here’s the interior.

As we returned to the station we heard some drumming, and we went running, in hopes that we might find some Kilts! And we did!

These guys plus the random ones we saw around town left us with 17 more to add to the count.

That leavers us at…


‎1 taxi + 4 planes + 6 trains + 7 bus rides = one crazy weekend in Paris/Frankfurt

24 Nov

Well, our grand adventure is over and we have plenty of pictures to prove it. We spent 3 nights in Paris France this past weekend followed by an accidental night in Frankfurt Germany. It was stressful, and amazing, and I still can’t believe that I was standing ontop of the Eiffel Tower less than a week ago.

Our story begins on DAY ONE



The day was amazing until we went on a few too many roller coasters…. haha. Lets just say, Beth’s stomach can’t handle what it used to.


The pirates were very friendly…

And Peter Pan… not so much.



Exploring Paris!

Of course, first things first we hit Mcdonalds.

Actually, this may have been one of the highlights of the whole trip because…

Beth ordered pancakes and a burger and we ended up with this…


All I can say is… we don’t speak French.


So,  after our interesting breakfast… we headed out on our tour to Notre Dame.

Beth and Bree on the tour bus. Such tourists!

Beth was really excited to see Notre Dame!

And then we went skating on the side of the road… Not sure how this happened. Basically we couldn’t help ourselves, and I’m pretty sure we were the only people over ten. So fun!

Then we went by the Arc de Triomph on our way to….drum roll please…the Eiffel Tower!

Beth and Bree half way up the tower.

And after the sun went down, it lit up! So naturally we took more pictures. Classic tourist.

Then we headed to bed in our surprisingly cozy hostel. Sooo much better than our last one.




Our journey began at the Louvre Museum…

I think the statue behind me was copying my sweet moves.

And I’m pretty sure that this sculpture was based off of Beth… Obvioustly. Haha

Also, I’m pretty sure the guy on the left was joining in the fun.

Anyway, then we headed over to the Moulin Rouge.

It was actually really small, and nothing like the movie…but still neat to see.

And we ended the day with the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur in the Montmatre area. At this point we were so exhausted, we didn’t even bother climbing the hill… haha

Then we hopped on our train/plane and just when we thought we were in the clear …


DAY 3.5


Our flight go cancelled! We ended up spending the night in the middle of Germany (don’t ask, we know it was a really strange layover) in the city of Frankfurt.

So naturally, the first thing we did was hit Mcdonalds

This time we kept our order simple, and just got fries. We don’t speak German either.
By the time we left the airport we just had enough time to take a few pictures of Cuckoo clocks and have a ten dollar diet Coke down in the tavern. It was really good Coke.
And thus ends our latest adventure! We are looking forward to our next escapade in Glasgow in two weeks!

Christmas time is here!

18 Nov

Well, “Its Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas,” even in our tiny flat. We got creative this year with our decorations since we won’t be keeping any for next year and this is what we ended up with!


Our feeble little tree. One step above Charlie Brown’s. We actually have it on a chair so it looks a bit taller.


Magazine paper snowflakes!


And our little yarn trees on top of a box of sweets.



We haven’t seen many kilts lately but we have a couple to add to the count.


We are headed to PARIS this weekend so I doubt we will be counting more till next week haha.

Guy Fawkes Day/ Bonfire Night

8 Nov

On Nov 5th, the UK celebrates what they call “Bonfire Night”. Its a celebration of the failed attempt to burn the parliment building and the capture of Guy Fawkes who was in on the scheme. Beth and I had never heard of the celebration but we are always up for free fireworks and bonfires on the beach.

Dunnotter Castle

5 Nov

So this weekend, Beth and I were bored, so we thought we’d  head on over to Dunnotter castle. We honestly didn’t have very high expectations since it is a “ruin”, but it was probably our favorite day trip yet.

The castle is situated on an “island-esque” spot that basically has cliff faces on all sides. We had almost as much fun climbing around the cliffs as we did walking around the castle.



 Dunnotter Castle


Beth in front… it seriously looks like a toy model from this angle.



Standing inside the Castle grounds.



Beth checking out a sweet fireplace.


Down on the beach below the cliffs. You can just barely see the castle at the top.


Hiking around on the cliffs.


After a long day of climbing around, we put up our feet… over the cliff. Perfect.


Oh, and by the way, We’ve seen 3 Kilts this week!

Running total… 


Happy Halloween. Love Jedward.

30 Oct

So… the UK has all sorts of crazy singing groups and musicians. Some of our favourites are One Direction, Cher Lloyds, and the infamous JEDWARD. Jedward is a pop senstation made up of a set of identical twin brothers with a serious sense of style. Naturally, Beth and I decided that if we could convincingly dress up like them, then we would have reached the pinnacle of all halloween costumes.

Here is a couple photos as a point of reference.


And here was our attempt…


Needless to say, I think we captured their swagger.